Quatuor Terpsycordes

Critique Quintette Vierne


Critique Quintette Vierne

Gramophone, Jeremy Nicholas. 2016
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"Into the Piano Quintet, composed in the same year, Vierne poured his anguish at the loss of his eldest son Jacques, killed in action at the age of 17. Personal torment produced, in purely musical terms, a masterpiece of the genre, ‘one of the most remarkable works,’ argues Moncur, ‘to be created in response to the slaughter of the First World War’. It is closely modelled on Franck’s Quintet, written in cyclical form. All three movements are powerfully intense and emotional. Rubackyte˙ and the Terpsycordes Quartet respond with vigour and sensitivity in a recording that matches other fine accounts (...). I marginally prefer theirs to the other new recording of the quintet (...)."